7th UK SGS – Parting Thoughts


Now that things have settled down again, and the storm has moved on, it seems timely to take the opportunity to say ‘thank you’ to you, the participants, who joined us in Oban.

The impression we get, from feedback received so far, is that the 7th UK Storm Gathering was a tremendous success, both on and off the water.

Kilbowie offered us a very functional base for the event with incredibly helpful staff, and Sea Kayak Oban provided us with a great deal of support, not just a retail presence.

We hope that everyone who attended the evening presentation by Erik and Sarah were as enthralled and entertained as we were.

By and large the on-water sessions appeared to go without incident, other than some cases of sea sickness and a blackend eye plus a missing paddle.

The coaches running each session where of the impression that most people had gauged their skill levels well against the event criteria we created.

With that in mind, it would be great to hear your views about what worked and what, if anything, might we do differently next time.

Is there are coach you feels deserves particular praise? Would you like to see different session offered next time?

If you have written about the event, please do share it with us and via the various social media outlets we have available.

Also, if you have a picture that sums up the spirit of the Storm Gathering, please do consider posting it on FB or letting us publish it on the website.

The next UK Storm Gathering is likely to be held in 2016 on Anglesey.

In the meantime, we really would welcome your thoughts and comments to make the 8th Storm Gathering even better.

Thank you once again, to one and all, for without folk like yourselves attending and coming with such a positive attitude events like this will struggle for success.

All the best, and we hope to see you on the water again sometime.


UKSGS Team – Mark Tozer • Helen Wilson • Nick Cunliffe • Matt Giblin

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