ISKGA Sea Survival

penlee-lifeboat-sea-kayak-training-exercise-Mike Hayes.jpg

Penlee Lifeboat Sea Kayak Training Exercise. Photographer: Mike Hayes

Course: ISKGA Sea Survival

Dates: February 20 and 22, 2016

Location: Anglesey, North Wales

Cost: £75 non-residential.

Prerequisites: Participants must be water confident and able to swim at least 50 metres in light clothing.

Note: The information below is an overview of what is covered during the training programme and we recommend you access the latest syllabus for reference.

Description: The ISKGA Sea Survival course was developed by David Whiddon and Jeff Allen to meet the needs of the wider sea kayaking community and guides in particular.

The module is centred around knowledge sharing, as well as developing practical skills, and will be looking into what are the real factors which threaten a sea kayaker’s survival chances, should things go wrong whilst paddling solo, or as part of a group on the sea.

The session moves into developing a survival strategy that suits an individual’s paddling aspirations.

This course forms part of the ISKGA Coastal Guide development pathway.

The following aspects will be covered:

• Individual and Group Sea Survival Techniques

• Hypothermia,

• The Drowning Process

• The Adverse Effects of Cold Water

• The Limitations of Equipment

• Sea Survival Strategies

• Methods To Attract Outside Assistance

• Search & Rescue Agencies

This programme will include cold water immersion.

ISKGA Information: For syllabus details, visit the ISKGA website –

Contact us if you have any questions, queries or want more information about the class.

All the best.

The UKSGS Team –  Mark Tozer & Helen Tozer-Wilson

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