Event Classes

The scheduled classes will reflect three important areas of sea kayak development:

– Skills – Safety – Seamanship –

A full list of class descriptions can be found here.

We plan to bring together an experienced, professional and awesome coaching team to deliver classes at the 9th UK Storm Gathering Symposium in March, 2018.

Learn about the organisers, presenters, coaches and safety crew who will be shaping your event experience here.

Classes will set at various levels and will cater for those who might consider themselves to be advanced beginners right through to advanced paddlers.

Important Reading:

• To ensure your safety and that of your fellow paddlers, please read through the self-assessment criteria ‘What Level Are you?’  before making your class choices.

• Class venues will be determined by the prevailing weather and marine forecasts during the symposium.

• When purchasing an event ticket you are registering to participate in three classes during the symposium.

• Please pick your first three class choices, and list them in the priority that you wish to take them. That is the class that you’d like to take the most, list first.

• The UK SGS Team will do their best to give you your first choices. To help us, in case of class cancellations or maximum numbers reached, please provide three additional choices (total of six).

• We will consider your learning progression while scheduling the classes. However, there will need to be some flexibility as to which session you take which class.

• ALL classes are subject to weather and sea conditions. The UK SGS Team reserve the right to make changes to venues, schedules, instructors and students at any time.

• The UK SGS Team will not provide refunds due to weather or sea conditions. We will work to provide alternate classes and venues as appropriate.

• By signing up you are accepting the risks with full knowledge that we cannot guarantee safe sea conditions for all classes.

Contact us if you have any questions, queries or want more information about the event.

The UKSGS Team – Mark Tozer & Helen Tozer-Wilson & Mike Mayberry 2018

Location: Trearddur Bay, Anglesey. Photographer: Mark Tozer

Location: Trearddur Bay, Anglesey. Photographer: Mark Tozer


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