Event Details

When is it? – The 9th UK Storm Gathering will run from March 16 to 18, 2018, based at Celtic Camping & Bunkhouse Accommodation, which is in St Davids, South Wales.

What’s it all about? – The idea is to bring together like minded people wanting to develop their skills and to network with others looking to take their sea kayaking to the next level. There will be challenges, adventures, and fun.

What’s on offer? – The intention is to run a number of practical workshops and journeys covering the themes of Skill, Safety, and Seamanship. Evening sessions will include social events with presentations from guest speakers. A number of retailers and manufacturers have been invited to allow for Q & A opportunities and demo boats.

Who is it for? – Attendance is open to anyone with intermediate sea kayaking skills or above looking for fresh challenges. The ability to wrestle a walrus, paddle around a continent and eat seaguls is not necessary.

What will it cost? – There will be three ticket options:

£150: This provides admission to all event classes and social activities from Thursday evening to Sunday afternoon. It does not include accommodation, meals or t-shirt.

£120: This provides admission to all event activities from Friday evening till Sunday afternoon. It does not include accommodation, meals or symposium t-shirt.

£75: This allows admission to a single day class. It does not include accommodation, meals or symposium t-shirt.

What about lodging? – Please contact Celtic Camping directly for your lodging needs:

£120: The bunkhouse is £120 per person full board for the 3 nights. Rooms are en-suite with 6-8 people in a room.

£20: There is self-catering available for 50 people at £20 per person per night.

£10: There is camping available at £10 per person per night.

When to book? – We will begin to take bookings from December 30, 2017 when the schedule has been finalised via Eventbrite or printed booking forms on request.

How to book? Follow the Step-By-Step registration process that can be found here.

Updates will appear on this website, via Twitter and the UK SGS Facebook Group.

Contact us if you have any questions, queries or want more information about the event.

All the best.

The UKSGS Team –  Mark Tozer & Helen Tozer-Wilson & Mike Mayberry 2018


Location: Pembrokeshire. Storm Paddler: Sean Hurrell. Photographer: Stuart Yendle


8 Responses to Event Details

  1. Catriona woods says:

    Looking forward to it.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Monika Lloyd-Burton says:

    Shall attend if I am no longer in the tropics. Would be nice to meet some of my Norwegian and Finnish friends again!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Robert Montgomery says:

    I’m a committee member of Belfast Kayak Club – Northern Ireland biggest kayak club.
    Do you do group rates.
    I’ll book on anyway for the full symposium.


  4. Martin cook says:

    Friday to Monday.


  5. ECSKC the largest sea kayaking club in Ireland will be attending with 12/16 paddlers. All looking forward to the challenges.


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